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Parents' education programme «Talk to me and listen to me!»

The workshop on language support is addressed to parents of multilingual children between the ages of 0 and 4 years. It is based on the parents' guide «Speak to me and listen to me».

In about two hours, the special aspects of growing up in several languages, advantages and challenges of multilingualism and tips for a self-confident approach to multilingualism in everyday life are conveyed. The workshop is held on site with experts from the PHSG. It can be booked by municipalities, institutions in the early childhood sector and associations.

Institute Institute for Research into Teaching and Learning
Head M.A. Alexandra Waibel

Dr. Janine Hostettler Schärer (PHSG), Dr. Silvana Kappeler Suter (PHSG), Ilias Paraskevopoulos (PHSG), Prof. Dr. Franziska Vogt (PHSG)

Project partner Kompetenzzentrum Integration und Gleichstellung Kanton St.Gallen
Duration since 2017
Financing Canton of St.Gallen

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