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More than 1,300 people study at the PHSG. Having chosen to pursue careers in teaching, they are all following similar goals, albeit within different levels of education. The PHSG offers teaching degree courses for kindergarten and primary school level, and for secondary school levels I and II.

Kindergarten and primary school level

The course to qualify as an all-round teacher for kindergarten and primary levels is six semesters in length and earns graduates a bachelor’s degree.

Secondary school level I

The course to qualify as a teacher for secondary school level I is nine semesters in length and earns graduates a teaching degree recognised throughout Switzerland (Diplom).

Secondary school level II

Certificate and degree courses for teachers at vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen) and higher technical colleges (höhere Fachschulen) are designed for part-time study and are two to five semesters in length.

Masterlehrgänge PHSG

Master’s degree courses

Master Early Childhood Studies

This degree course is offered together with the Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten (Weingarten University of Teacher Education) and serves to qualify students as experts in the field of early childhood education.

Master of Arts in Curative Education

This degree course is offered in cooperation with the Interkantonale Hochschule für Heilpädagogik (University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education).

Master of Arts in School Development

Students on this degree course will learn about the concepts and procedures used to initiate, monitor and evaluate school development projects.