The PHSG’s administrative team safeguards the smooth running of the university by providing a wide range of organisational services centred around the PHSG’s needs.

A sophisticated infrastructure is of course of key importance to the successful running of our university. And although three of the four university buildings are protected monuments, their fittings and equipment all comply with modern standards.

Back row - left to right: Thomas Füllemann, Leiter Finanzen und Controlling; Begoña Lema Vilas, Leiterin Kommunikation; August Scherer-Hug, Leiter Medienverbund; Evelyn Strässle, Leiterin Human Resources.

Front row - left to right: Norbert Eberle, Leiter Informatik; Franz-Martin Riklin, Leiter Infrastruktur und Logistik; Markus Seitz, Verwaltungsdirektor.