Leuchtturm vor dem Meer

Mission statement

Our mission statement is based on our set goals in the field of the regional and national education sector, on the one hand, and on socially recognised values, on the other hand. Current social challenges and development trends in the university landscape also shape our conception of the PHSG’s role in society.


  • Besides providing a well-founded subject-related specialist and didactic education, the PHSG is particularly characterised by its strong roots in the professional field and its own recognised research into teaching and learning.
  • We encourage innovations and thus make a contribution towards the development of the school system.
  • We work with a development plan, which is periodically subjected to a quality check.
  • We want to be perceived as a cultural institution with a regional and supra-regional presence.
  • We aspire to involve all university members in the development of the PHSG.
  • We cultivate a dialogue with teachers and anyone interested in education.
  • We respect diversities and deal with each other in an appreciative manner. We discuss conflicts and work out constructive solutions.
  • We pay attention to the principles of sustainable development in all our activities.
  • We treat the human and economic resources entrusted to us with care.

Education & induction

  • We aspire to provide our students with a comprehensive education.
  • In this education, we set great store by students’ action competence, science orientation, willingness to cooperate and reflection skills. 
  • We support students in their development into personalities who are characterised by inner firmness and openness to new things.
  • We promote learning in a wide variety of forms and with the help of modern technology.
  • We conduct part of the practical professional training in the regions. In this context, the Regional Didactic Centres (RDCs) provide students with support in lesson design and implementation.
  • We configure and support teachers’ induction through specific further education and advice facilities in cooperation with the school authorities.

Research and development

  • We concentrate on selected research foci and ensure the necessary methodological competence.
  • We cultivate an exchange with the international research community.
  • We continue and extend long-standing cooperation with other universities at home and abroad and with school practitioners.
  • We offer high-quality, needs-based further education courses in curricular and extracurricular fields.
  • We aspire to become the most important partner in the further education of teachers from the Canton of St.Gallen and the region.
  • We promote the development of PHSG employees by means of specific further education courses and advice and enable them to work in a wide variety of areas.