Rektoratsstaab PHSG

President’s Office staff

The President’s Office staff coordinates inter-departmental operations and topics that affect the university as a whole. They support the President’s Office and the University Council in developing the university; they also provide centralised services for students and employees.

Quality Management

The Quality Management department assists members of the PHSG to maintain the quality of the university’s provision and to advance it in a targeted manner. It provides tools, procedures and documentation to assist quality development and quality assurance and lays the foundation for operational and strategic planning.

Personnel Development

The main focus of the Personnel Development department is to advance the professional development of the university’s academic staff. However, in order to ensure the university can achieve its strategic objectives, it is also charged with recruiting staff to cover anticipated needs.

Legal Services

The Legal Services department provides assistance to staff and students on legal issues affecting their work or studies at the PHSG. It also establishes an institutional framework, checks contracts and provides support with regard to contractual negotiations. Lastly, it provides advice in matters relating to employment law, and prepares legal documentation relating to the protection of the university’s interests.

Gender and Diversity

The Specialist Unit for Gender and Diversity provides support to the organs of the PHSG in promoting diversity and equal opportunities. It creates information material, establishes an institutional framework, compiles internal guidelines and implements projects. It also maintains relations with other higher education institutions and networks.

President’s Office Secretariat

The President’s Office Secretariat provides administrative support to the President, President’s Office and University Council. It maintains internal links between the various secretariats of the PHSG and is responsible for the organisation of university events.

University Council Secretariat

The University Council Secretariat conducts the business of the University Council by preparing agenda items, compiling minutes and maintaining contact with the Department of Education, especially the Office for Universities.