Studieren an der PHSG


The PHSG’s range of training opportunities extends to all levels of compulsory school education, from kindergarten all the way through to vocational schools.

Kindergarten and primary school level

The course to qualify as an all-round teacher for kindergarten and primary levels is six semesters in length and earns graduates a bachelor’s degree.

Secondary school level I

The course to qualify as a teacher for secondary school level I is nine semesters in length and earns graduates a teaching degree recognised throughout Switzerland (Diplom).

Secondary school level II

Certificate and degree courses for teachers at vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen) and higher technical colleges (höhere Fachschulen) are designed for part-time study and are two to five semesters in length.

Master Early Childhood Studies
Master of Arts in Curative Education
Master of Arts in School Development
Weiterbildung PHSG

Further education

The PHSG provides teachers with extensive support, helping them deal with the manifold challenges of their profession, and guiding them on how to take relevant social developments and current topics into account.


Our training courses provide you with an effective means of advancing both professionally and personally.

Further training measures focusing on the new curricular framework

In these special training courses, we show you how to effectively implement Lehrplan 21, the new curricular framework for compulsory education in Switzerland.

In-school further education measures

We liaise with you to develop tailored further training measures and consulting services, which we then implement in your school.

Intensive further education courses
Job induction programmes
Further education consulting services
Dienstleistungsangebot PHSG


The PHSG has a range of specialist units that provide information, ideas and support on pedagogical, didactic, social and cultural topics.

Regional Didactic Centres

We promote school development by creating exemplary learning environments and providing teaching materials. We also offer courses and consulting services.


We focus on specific topics and see ourselves as a central point of contact for education professionals and institutions.

Specialist units

Through projects and coaching sessions, we provide comprehensive guidance on how to deal with special topics such as theatre or human rights.

Hybrid library

We offer a wide range of literature, media and information as well as provide infrastructural solutions and media-related training and further training courses.

School development

We monitor processes, help to develop skills and competences, and provide schools and other educational and care institutions with expert advice.

E-Learning & Webtools

We help in the field of kinematics and support you in the competence-oriented practice guidance.