Kinder betrachten ein Blatt im Wald

Social responsibility

The PHSG sees itself as bearing a great deal of social responsibility. After all, schools have a key role to play in teaching children about sustainability and diversity. The PHSG therefore strives to set an example to its students, highlighting the importance of ecologically sound and socially responsible development when it comes to everyday activities and teaching and learning.

Education for sustainable development

The PHSG attaches great importance to educating its students on sustainable development. Indeed, the topic is firmly established within its degree courses, research and development activities and further training programmes.

A sustainable university

The PHSG adheres to the principles of sustainable development in all its activities, and treats the resources entrusted to it with care and consideration. As a Blue University, it is especially committed to the topic of water preservation.

Equal opportunities in education

Across all its research work, development projects and further training courses, the PHSG is committed to championing equal opportunities for children and young people within the education system. 

Diversity at the PHSG

The PHSG acknowledges people’s differences and advocates equal opportunities for men and women. Its staff and students treat each other with mutual respect and appreciation.

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