Vice-President’s Offices

The areas of Education, Research & Development and Further Education & Services are each assigned to a Vice-President’s Office.

Vice-President’s Office for Education

President Prof. Dr. Horst Biedermann heads the Vice-President’s Office Education, which is divided up into six undergraduate and Master’s courses, on an interim basis.

Vice-President and the academic directors, as well as central degree course management 

Vice-President’s Office for Research & Development

This Vice-President’s Office is headed by Prof. Dr. Christian Brühwiler. It is structured into six institutes with different thematic foci of research into academic issues with regard to learning and education. Each institute is headed by a faculty member.

Vice-President’s Office for Further Education & Services

Prof. Dr. José Gomez heads the Vice-President’s Board for Further Education & Services. The three institutes provide a wide range of services and practice-related courses concerning topical issues.