The University Council

The University Council comprises seven members. The President of the University Council is Stefan Kölliker, Head of St.Gallen’s Department of Education and Member of the Cantonal Council. 

Duties of the University Council

The responsibilities of the University Council include approving the PHSG’s strategy and developing the courses it offers, establishing an institutional framework, ensuring that the university fulfils its official mandate, and preparing estimates, accounts and annual reports. The University Council furthermore serves as the selection committee for positions within university management and for permanent lectureships, as well as for the appeals and disciplinary commission.

From left to right: Sandro Wasserfallen (SVP), Katrin Glaus (SP), Thomas Rüegg (FDP), Stefan Kölliker (SVP), Rolf Cristuzzi (CVP), Maria Gloor-Zigerlig (CVP), Heinz Habegger (SVP).

Sekretariat des Hochschulrates