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The PHSG supports teachers in their everyday work with a variety of contact points. In the medienverbund.phsg multimedia facility, students, lecturers, researchers and teachers can find literature, media and information. Impulses for the configuration of discovery learning situations are developed by the Regional Didactic Centres.

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Regional Didactic Centres

We promote school development by creating exemplary learning environments and teaching materials, conduct courses and provide consulting services.

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The Early Learning and Mathematics Centre and the Competence Centre for Digitalisation & Education focus on specific issues and are contact points for specialists and institutions.

Specialist units

We provide you with advice concerning special issues such as teachers’ language competencies, drama and human rights, and offer projects and coaching sessions.

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Multimedia facility

We provide literature, media and information and make available infrastructure and advice for basic and advanced media education courses.

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Educational evaluation

We advise and evaluate educational institutions (nursery schools up to universities) and social institutions with regard to development processes.

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STEM at schools

Our innovative projects aim to boost the popularity of natural science and technology subjects.

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ICT and media

We offer services, advanced education, research & development and teaching on digitalisation in education.