Strategic foci

On the basis of the development areas, the PHSG has specified five strategic foci that are particularly relevant to the further development of our institution.

Development of the profession

The PHSG is involved in the educational processes of all levels of education and professional stages for the competent accomplishment of this professional mission. It anticipates changes in the sphere of education and exerts an active influence on them.

  • At the PHSG, students experience autonomy and personal responsibility for their studies. Degree course structures and organisation allow for flexible and individualised parts of their studies.
  • In the course of their studies, PHSG students acquire competencies which enable them to satisfy the current and future requirements of the teaching profession.
  • Experts from the various stakeholders (early education, elementary school, academic-stream secondary school, vocational training, universities) are prepared for the existing and future challenges in their professional fields by means of state-of-the-art science- and practice-oriented further education courses.
  • The PHSG supports its members of staff in the development of their personal careers.

Knowledge and competence transfer

In teacher education, the theory/practice ratio is a crucial challenge. With this strategic focus, the PHSG will

  • further extend cooperation between universities and schools,
  • implement findings from the sphere of research and development in teaching at the PHSG and at schools,
  • promote cooperation between teachers and parents.

Digital transformation

This strategic focus serves to pursue the following goals:

  • the development of future-oriented degree course programmes and educational programmes in general in accordance with the latest findings from effective teaching/learning arrangements with the use of analogue and digital facilities. Students and participants in further education courses will profit from course programmes that take their bearings from the requirements of a digitalised society;
  • the use of digital facilities to boost efficiency and effectiveness in university administration for the benefit of all members of the university.

Sustainable development

This focus is associated with the following goals: 

  • The PHSG optimises its infrastructure in accordance with the precepts of ecological sustainability.
  • With regard to subject-matter, the PHSG contributes to knowledge generation and qualifies future teachers for sustainable teaching and the comprehensive configuration of a sustainable school.
  • The PHSG cultivates a culture of sustainability, i.e. members of staff and students fulfil an exemplary function with regard to ecological, economic, social and cultural sustainability and are committed to the ideal of sustainability.

University culture and structure

The university culture and the university structure are the cornerstones of every university. This strategic focus is associated with the following goals:

  • the endeavour and the necessity to continually improve the existing internal PHSG structure and culture, thus sustainably ensuring high-quality teacher education;
  • making an indirect contribution to the development of the profession, since university culture and university structure also exert an influence on the opportunities in the professional areas and thus on the quality of teacher education.