Comparability and Validity in International Performance Assessment of Critical Thinking (iPAL)

The project explores the feasibility of international comparisons of critical thinking, using performance assessments.

Critical thinking (CT) is amongst the most prominent learning outcomes in higher education. However, to date, there is little international comparative data on higher education students’ CT. Such data could be used in summative and formative ways at the system and institutional levels. To evaluate CT performance assessments are the most suited approach. However, both the construct and item format pose serious challenges in their translation and adaptation for international comparison. The objective of the project is to explore the feasibility of valid international comparisons of CT through performance assessments.

Institute Institute of Research on Teaching Profession and on Development of Competencies

Prof. Dr. Henry Braun (Boston College, principal investigator)

Prof. Dr. Richard Shavelson (Stanford University, co-principal investigator)


Prof. Dr. Horst Biedermann

Natalia Ronderos

Cooperative partner

Boston College, USA

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Deutschland

Stanford University, USA

Universidad de los Andes, Kolumbien

Universität, Zürich

Duration October 2021 - October 2023
Financing Spencer Foundation

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