Fachdidaktische Entwicklung der Lern- & Testsysteme PHSG

Subject-specific methodological development of learning and testing systems

The department for learning and testing systems at the Lehrmittelverlag St.Gallen collaborates with various PHSG departments on optimization and updating of tasks for various instruments for individual assessment and promotion.

The Institute for Language Teacher Education evaluates existing tasks with regard to their conformity with Lehrplan 21 and with current methodological approaches, revises them if necessary and develops new tasks for the following three language subject areas: German as the language of schooling, French as a second national language and English as a foreign language.
Specialists from the institute are also involved in the development of competence levels for these instruments. Competence levels enable feedbacks of the results, which establish a direct relation to the concrete subject-specific competences of the students, which is considered an important component for support oriented teaching.

Institute Institute for Language Teacher Education
Head Dr. Thomas Roderer
Team Christof Chesini, Renato Forlin, Sybille Heinzmann, Peter Klee, Nicole Schallhart, Carol Vladani, various secondary school teachers
Duration 2015 - 2021
Financing Lehrmittelverlag St.Gallen
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Our project database provides access to the descriptions and results of current and completed research projects.

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Sekretariat Institut Sprachliche und Literarische Bildung

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