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STEM at schools

This project focuses on boosting pupils’ enthusiasm for the subjects of mathematics, IT, science and technology – also known as MINT subjects in German. It aims to promote networking between the business sector and schools, and develop and test an innovative didactic accompanying programme for STEM teaching at lower secondary school level (in Switzerland) and at grammar schools (in Austria) in the Alpenrhein-Bodensee region.

The PHSG and the University College of Teacher Education Vorarlberg are currently working together to develop sustainable strategies by which to combat the shortage of STEM specialists in schools. These involve pooling expertise and expanding networks in order to better understand local educational sector peculiarities with regard to the STEM subjects, and in order to sustainably monitor any necessary development measures.

The project also involves establishing 10 close partnerships between schools and the business sector, and providing schools with continual advisory services as well as further training for their teachers. The attitudes of the pupils and teachers to MINT topics are evaluated before and after the respective measures.

Institute Institute for Science Teacher Education
Heads Professor Nicolas Robin, Professor Roland Gunesch (PH Vorarlberg)
Team Professor Titus Guldimann, Professor Robbert Smit, Robert Furrer, Christina De Toffol, Corinna Elsensohn (PH Vorarlberg)
Project partner University College of Teacher Education Vorarlberg
Duration 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2018
Financing Interreg
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