Quality assurance measures for learning support systems 

The project team is tasked with providing scientific supervision for learning support systems in the cantons of St.Gallen and Zurich.

These learning support systems are a variety of interrelated test procedures and learning environments for use in schools. The project’s main objectives are to ensure the high quality of psychometric procedures and provide educational publishing companies with support in creating new and further developing existing materials.

Meeting these objectives involves, among other things, developing pilot/standard designs, conducting sampling procedures, performing task assessments from test theoretical perspectives, scaling/evaluating test data, conducting accompanying research into academic performance measurement, and developing further training courses based on the corresponding findings.
The learning support systems are designed for use by teachers, pupils and parents. Using standardised procedures, the systems first define pupils’ academic levels in different subjects according to a specific scale. This information then allows for individualised training and support measures to be selected. The learning support systems also serve to provide pupils with career orientation.

Institute Institute for Educational Assessment
Head Professor Jan Hochweber

Professor Michael Beck

Ann Christin Hochweber

Professor Michael Kickmeier-Rust

Thea Böni

Duration Unlimited (since 2013)
Financing Lehrmittelverlag St.Gallen, Lehrmittelverlag Zürich

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