Didactics for support-oriented aptitude diagnostics (F3K)

Providing pupils with individualised support is becoming increasingly important. F3K seeks to create the didactic basis for using aptitude diagnostics data to provide pupils with targeted support.

Over the last few years, tools that record pupils’ learning progress and academic abilities have been gaining significantly in importance. The data provided by these tools serves to determine pupils’ current level on the one hand, and to supply information for educational policymaking on the other. More recently, it has become increasingly important to use data from aptitude diagnostics to provide pupils with individualised support and encouragement. For this, the corresponding didactic foundations need to be established and continually further developed, and training and further training courses on didactics need to be created. These are the principal substantive objectives of the F3K project. The project also seeks to establish a network in this field in order to promote national and international cooperation.


Institute for Educational Assessment
Institute of Research on Teaching Profession and on Development of Competencies


Prof. Dr Jan Hochweber (PHSG)
Prof. Dr Christian Brühwiler (PHSG)
Prof. Dr Tina Hascher (University of Bern)

Team Prof. Dr Michael Kickmeier-Rust (PHSG)
Project partner Institute of Educational Science (University of Bern)
Duration 2017 — 2020 
Financing Project-bound government funding pursuant to the HEdA

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