Teams of university-based (UTE) lecturers and field-based lecturers

Building bridges between university and school in practical teacher training at target level

Collaboration between university-based (UTE) lecturers and field-based lecturers in schools provides a basis for the establishment of a very close connection between the two separate learning venues (university and school), which contributes to the development and a further strengthening of practical teacher training.

The project aims to establish teams of professionals who work at the interface between university and school. Each team consists of one professional from the university (UTE lecturer, mentor) and one school-based professional (field-based lecturer). In cooperation with the Zurich University of Teacher Education and the FHNW School of Education, we have designed and introduced a tailored professional-development programme in order to qualify these target groups appropriately: CAS Field-Based Lecturer.

This additional qualification allows field-based lecturers to work on behalf of the university and act as multipliers in schools. University lecturers, in turn, who temporarily become part of the school environment acquire deeper knowledge of that working context and have the opportunity to develop sustainable dual skills profiles. Both groups of professionals therefore acquire professional skills in one another’s field that complement their knowledge and their experience in their primary fields. Drawing on their dual skills profile, both groups can actively engage in the field and make a joint contribution to supporting trainee teachers during their practical training at partner schools.

Institute Institute for Research on Teaching Profession and on Development of Competencies

Professor Samuel Krattenmacher (PHSG)
Professor Urban Fraefel (PH FHNW)
Professor Anneliese Kreis (PHZH)

PHSG team

Professor Andreas Angehrn
Professor Susanne Bosshart
Professor Rolf Engler
Dr. Julia Ha
Lena Hollenstein M.A.
Dagmar Widorski, MSc
Professor Sandra Zehnder

Duration 2018 to 2020
Cooperative partner


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