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Promotion of lecturers in the training of VET professionals

The project aims at developing and implementing a qualification program for lecturers at universities of teacher education in the field of vocational education.

VET professionals have the task to prepare apprentices for a profession or the vocational labour market. In their training and continuing education at the universities of teacher education (incl. SFIVET), VET professionals should be competently prepared for the associated requirements. The project creates the basis for this to be done in the future by lecturers with a differentiated competence profile. The high demands of such a "dual skill profile" on the part of the lecturers are a challenge in the recruitment and qualification. As a consequence, the project aims at the development and implementation of a corresponding qualification program, which should lead people with different educational and professional biographies on the way to becoming a lecturer in vocational education at a university of teacher education.

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Institute Institute of Research on Teaching Profession and on Development of Competencies
Head Prof. Dr. Anja Gebhardt
Project -partners

Prof. Dr. Janine Gut (University of Luzern)
Prof. Dr. Claudio Caduff (University of Zurich)
Dr. Barbara Fontanellaz (Swiss federal institute for vocational education and training)

Duration 1 January 2021 — 31 October 2024
Financing swissuniversities

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