Language support in everyday kindergarten activities using dialect and standard languages (SpriKiDS)

In the Lake Constance region, an area characterised by dialects, education approaches are posed with the question of whether it makes more sense for a teacher to communicate with pupils in dialect or in standard language, especially when dealing with multilingual children.

The research project «Language support in everyday kindergarten activities using dialect and standard languages» (SpriKiDS) seeks to compare the effects of using dialect and standard language, examine the impact of language development support and analyse the linguistic progress made by the children observed. It does this by means of video observation, language level assessments and questionnaires. The project’s concept for wait list control groups includes cross-border further training courses for the educators involved, Here, the educators are taught about strategies for incorporating language development support into everyday activities.

Institute Institute for Research into Teaching and Learning
Heads Professor Cordula Löffler (PH Weingarten), Professor Franziska Vogt (PHSG)

Johanna Quiring (PHSG), Alexandra Waibel (PHSG), Laura von Albedyhll (PH Weingarten), Mirja Bohnert-Kraus (SHLR), Dr Oscar Eckhardt (PHGR), Dr Eva Frick (PH Vorarlberg), Professor Andrea Haid (SHLR), Andrea Willi (SHLR), Dr Alexandra Zaugg (PHGR), Martina Zumtobel (PH Vorarlberg)

Duration 2016 to 2018
Financing Interreg
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  • Vogt, F. & Quiring, J. (2020). Dialekt oder Standardsprache? 4bis8 Fachzeitschrift für Kindergarten und Unterstufe. April 3/2020, S. 28-29.
  • Löffler, C., Vogt, F., Haid, A., Frick, E., Zaugg, A., Bohnert-Kraus, M., Eckhardt, O., Quiring, J., von Albedyhll, L., Waibel, A., Willi, A. & Zumtobel, M. (2017). Dialekt und Standard im Kindergarten. In: Babylonia 2/2017, S. 45-47.
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