Gender in der Kita PHSG

Gender in day care centres

While men are increasingly choosing to work as childcarers in day care centres, they are still a minority in the profession. The project “Gender in day care centres: working together to promote the increased inclusion of men” aims to make it easier for men to enter and remain in the childcare profession.

The project’s intended beneficiaries are day care centres that would like to reflect on and further develop their work, and men working in the childcare profession or in training to become childcarers. Via further training courses and advisory services, the project provides participants with strategies for improved teamwork and better collaboration with parents, and with ideas on how to incorporate greater gender balance in their work with the children.

Institute Institute for Research into Teaching and Learning
Head Professor Franziska Vogt

Professor Franziska Vogt, Professor Julia Nentwich, Wiebke Tennhoff, Professor Thomas Rhyner, Dr Björn Müller, Dr Florian Schulz

Duration 2013 to 2017
Financing Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE)
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