Dis donc! Französischlehrmittel für die 5.-9. Klasse (ILZ)

dis donc! French teaching materials for grades 5 to 9 (ILZ)

The new French workbook «dis donc!» and its accompanying reference book «dis voir!», both for school years 7 through to 11, are based on the provisions and descriptions set forth in the Swiss curricular framework Lehrplan 21. «dis donc!» is designed to help pupils achieve specific basic skill levels and then build on these through more complex tasks.

In each unit, pupils are required to solve one learning task (tâche). Based on rich, authentic input from the pupils’ real-world experiences, the «activités» help to develop the content, language and strategic means necessary for the solution. Communication skills are also a means to an end and no longer the only goal.

    Institute Institute for Language Teacher Education

    Overall project: Mathias Grüter (LMVZ)
    Project leaders for content: Christof Chesini (PHSG), Marlies Keller (PHZH), Christine Rast (PHZH


    Team of authors primary and secondary school levels:
    Lecturers in subject-specific methodology from universities of teacher education and school teachers of all levels

    Duration 2012 to 2022
    Financing Lehrmittelverlage Zürich und St.Gallen
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