Assessment of language teachers’ profession-related language competences

This project develops empirically based instruments and processes for the summative assessment of profession-related language competences for primary and secondary school teachers (French, Italian and English as foreign languages).

It includes an analysis of existing assessment practices, the specification of a profession-specific leaving examination with appropriate examination tasks, and the piloting and empirical validation of the examinations. The project results will serve as a basis for a broad-based certification of professional language competences in the context of teacher education. 


Institute for Language Teacher Education

Lead Hans-Peter Hodel † (2018, PHLU), Lukas Bleichenbacher, Wilfrid Kuster, Thomas Roderer (2018 – 2021, PHSG) 

Raphaël Perrin, Fatmir Racipi, Olivia Rütti-Joy, Sandrine Wild (PHSG), Michael Eisner (PHLU), Mirjam Egli Cuenat, Giuseppe Manno, Stefan Keller (PH FHNW), Peter Lenz (UNIFR) 

Project partners PH Luzern (PHLU), PH FH Nordwestschweiz (PH FHNW), Institut für Mehrsprachigkeit (IfM), Universität Freiburg (UNIFR)
Duration 2018 - 2021
Financing Federal Office of Culture, PH FHNW Innovation Fund

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