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Advanced training

The PHSG supports teachers in their efforts to prepare for the challenges of professional everyday life, new social developments and current issues.

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Overview and advanced training course finder

Our advanced training courses enable you to pursue your professional and personal development in your field of activity.

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School management courses

The PHSG provides various advanced training settings reflecting school management issues for the benefit of education authorities and school managers.

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In-house advanced training

We address your topics and needs and conduct in-house advanced training sessions at your school that will enable you to attain your objectives.

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Specialised courses, Assessment 2020-2024

Reflecting on assessment practice, continuing to develop it and placing it on the foundation of a shared development.

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Lifelong learning

Configure your educational leave with us, individually according to your requirements and possibilities.

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Job induction programmes

During their first year on the job, we help teachers in state schools cope with the challenges of everyday professional life, and lend a helping hand.

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Our specialists provide you with individual advice concerning questions of advanced training and school development. 

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Stella Maris: the building for advanced training

Bright rooms and a wonderful view of Lake Constance invite you to gain new insights and to exchange views and ideas