Momentary experiences in science teacher education - MEXISTE

PHSG students on programmes of a scientific nature complete two laboratory classes during their first year. These enable them to acquire the requisite skills for conducting experiments. As a rule, teachers’ prior experience will have an effect on their willingness to incorporate classroom experiments into their teaching.

This project aims to clarify, based on empirical data, how the content covered in the laboratory classes affects students’ emotions, whether these emotions change over the course of the classes, and to what degree these changes relate to the respective teaching students’ individual personality. The project also seeks to examine whether correlations exist between students’ emotional reactions in the classes and their general emotional state, and how this affects their willingness to conduct experiments during their lessons.

Institute Institute for Science Teacher Education
Head Professor Robbert Smit
Team Professor Robbert Smit, Professor Nicolas Robin
Duration 2017 to 2019


Sekretariat Institut Fachdidaktik Naturwissenschaften
Eva Steingruber

Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen
Hochschulgebäude Hadwig
Notkerstrasse 27
9000 St.Gallen

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