Nachwuchsförderungsmodell PHSG

Promotion of young researchers in the field of foreign language and plurilingual didactics

Well-trained, highly practically oriented subject-specific methodology lecturers and researchers are an indispensable prerequisite for the high-quality education of teachers, the generation of new scientific findings with a high degree of practical relevance and for the transfer to everyday school life. 

The aim is to develop a model for the promotion of young researchers that is strongly anchored in science and regional school practice, at BA/MA level in the basic education of teachers, at Master's level (specialized in subject-specific methodology) and at doctoral level in the field of foreign language and plurilingual didactics. This model can be transferred to other subject areas and regional contexts.

Institute Institute for Language Teacher Education
Head Dr. Catherine Diederich 
Team Wilfrid Kuster, Reto Hunkeler, Raphaël Perrin, Olivia Rütti-Joy, Sandrine Wild 
Duration 2017 to 2020
Financing Project-bound federal funding (SERI funds)
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Our project database provides access to the descriptions and results of current and completed research projects.

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Sekretariat Institut Sprachliche und Literarische Bildung

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