Plurilingual teacher education

This project examines the plurilingual offer, which the PHSG introduced with the education variant plurilingual teacher education (AVM) as part of the new curriculum for lower secondary school level in 2017/2018.

The first and running part of the project focuses on the lecturers’ actual realization of these plurilingual offers in the classroom, as well as on the lecturers’ attitudes towards plurilingual education.

Subsequently, the project further aims to examine how the lecturers’ plurilingual offers are received and used by the students, what the students’ attitudes towards these plurilingual offers are, and how these attitudes change throughout the course of their studies.

The goal of the project is a comprehensive review of the plurilingual foreign language teacher education at the PHSG, in order to determine its added value in comparison to the monolingual education of language teachers.

Institute Institute for Language Teacher Education
Head M.A. Mara De Zanet, Dr. Robert Hilbe
Team Wilfrid Kuster, Lukas Bleichenbacher, Christof Chesini, Cornelia Gantenbein, Cristina Orfanidis
Duration 2019 - 2021


  • Bleichenbacher, L., Kuster, W., Heinzmann, S., Hilbe, R., Annen, M. (2019). Entwicklung sprachenübergreifender curricularer Elemente für die Ausbildung von Sprachenlehrpersonen Sek I. Zweite, überarbeitete Auflage. St.Gallen: Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen. 

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