Plurilingual grammar cards

The project consists in the production of visual-haptic, multilingual flashcards with moving elements on specific but basic grammar topics. The cards are complemented by free online learning units. 

The card set allows a) to teach grammar in a clear and understandable way and thus to particularly help low-achieving learners; b) integrate plurilingual didactic sequences into the 'normal' foreign language lessons on all levels; c) increasing the sensitivity of learners in all language regions for the minority languages Italian and Romansh.

Institute Institute of Language and Literary Education
Head M.A. Mara De Zanet
Team Mathias Picenoni, Bettina Baumann, Christof Chesini, Wilfrid Kuster, Manfred Gross (PHGR), Rico Cathomas (PHGR), Stefano Losa (SUPSI)
Project partners PHGR und SUPSI (externe Experten)
Duration 2020 - 2022
Financing FOC

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Sekretariat Institut Sprachliche und Literarische Bildung

Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen
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