PHSG Offers for Refugees coordination group

The PHSG Offers for Refugees coordination group has been working on behalf of the President’s Office since April and, as of now, will continue to do so until September 2022. It aims to compile information about the PHSG’s offers and measures for refugee pupils and academics.

The members of the PHSG Offers for Refugees coordination group pool information about offers and measures that serve to integrate refugees into schools or protect vulnerable groups of persons. The members represent different areas which are responsible for, or support, specific offers.

Important goals are the coordination of a shared manner of internal and external communication and acting as a contact point for internal and external requirements, developments and information.

As far as this is possible, the coordination group’s experience, insight and expertise will be constructively integrated on a permanent basis into PHSG’s structures and the areas of Education, Research & Development and Further Education & Services. They provide the cornerstones for future development in the field of flight, immigration and education and can thus be used in a spirit of social sustainability.

Members of the coordination group

Julia Ha Head
Tanja Johnson Representative, Communication
Lucas Oberholzer Representative, Secondary School Level I and ACCOMPAGNA
Judith Pekarek Representative, Kindergarten/Primary School Level
Barbara Wolfer Representative, International Office and Scholars at Risk

Current PHSG offers


  • ACCOMPAGNA  -  enhancing educational prospects for refugee and immigrant children
  • Support of newly immigrated juveniles: focus on language

Further education


Job portals for substitution and teaching assistants