Language skills assessment of PHSG pre-service teachers

Due to the changes in the curriculum for the education of foreign language teachers of the lower secondary school level (Sek I) study programme, a monitoring of foreign language competences before and after the introduction of the education variant plurilingual teacher education (AVM) Sek I is being carried out.

As part of the reform of the Sek I study programme, a new education profile plurilingual teacher education (AVM) was introduced in the 2016/17 academic year, which, in the context of the strategic field of action C 15, combines previous education in separate language subjects into cross-language education in line with a plurilingual approach to language teaching. 
The aim of this project is to assess the potential impact of this education variant AVM on students’ linguistic competences in the individual target languages. For this purpose, a competence-oriented performance test was developed to assess and compare the profession-related, productive language competences in English and French of pre-service teachers in the academic years 14/19 and 15/20 (original education variant) and 16/21 and 17/22 (AVM). 

In addition to the language skills, the language biographies of the pre-service teachers and their attitudes towards plurilingualism are evaluated.

Institute Institute for Language Teacher Education 
Head Dr. Thomas Roderer
Team Olivia Rütti-Joy, Raphaël Perrin, Sandrine Wild, Lukas Bleichenbacher, Wilfrid Kuster, Christian Sinn
Duration 2018 to 2021

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