Formative feedback for mathematical reasoning (FEMAR)

Our study examines the effects of teachers’ feedback based on a rubric for mathematical reasoning.

Specifically, we look at outcomes that are related to primary students’ achievement, self-regulation, and self-efficacy beliefs. Moreover, we are interested in differences in the quality of teachers' feedback. Our sample comprises about 45 classes in two Swiss regions. Within the framework of the study, feedback is conceptualized as formative feedback on the students’ learning in classroom teaching. Mathematical reasoning is defined according to the Swiss national standards for mathematics as consisting in the verification or falsification of solutions by providing explanations.

Institute Institute of Research on Teaching Profession and on Development of Competencies

Prof. Dr Robbert Smit (PHSG)
Prof. Dr Kurt Gess (PH Zug)


M.A. Patricia Bachmann (PHSG)
M.A. Heidi Dober (PH Zug)

Project partner

PH Zug

Duration 1 September 2018 – 28 August 2022
Financing Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

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