Self-organized learning modules for Italian at lower secondary school level, Grisons

The project aims at the preparation of freely accessible self-learning sequences. According to the Lehrplan 21, these sequences must be completed at lower secondary school level in Grisons, but are suitable for teaching Italian throughout Switzerland.

Institute Institute for Language Teacher Education
Head Mathias Picenoni (PHSG) Fiorenza Lanfranchi (Sportgymnasium Davos)

Mathias Picenoni, Mara de Zanet (PHSG), Fiorenza Lanfranchi, Dr. Vincenzo Todisco, Daniela Ambühl-Losa, Doris Bettoni, Luca Crameri, Anna Pedrotta, Enza Gervasi, Guerra Gioele, Claudia Lardi Menghini, Mariannina Lassoued-Cilurzo, Letizia Pitzoi, Donat Rischatsch, Luciano Ragazzo, Daniela Sciamanna, Crispina Signorell-Pezzotti, Jessica Thoma

Project partners PH Grisons
Duration 2020 - 2021
Financing FOC, PHSG

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