Jugendlabor Naturmuseum PHSG

Youth laboratory at the Natural History Museum

The youth laboratory at the Natural History Museum St.Gallen enables children aged between 10 and 14 to explore the secrets of the natural world. Among the many questions explored during an afternoon session at the laboratory are «What is a museum?», «How do you investigate stones?» and «Why do plants grow?».

Details on the topics covered and information on how to register are available on the website of museum. The youth laboratory is run by the PHSG and the Natural History Museum St.Gallen. On Wednesday afternoons at the museum, students from the PHSG conduct fascinating, instructive experiments and tests they have developed themselves based on specific research questions. This exciting environment helps the children and young people participating to develop an understanding for, and an ability to communicate about, nature.

Institute Institute for Science Teacher Education
Heads Professor Nicolas Robin, Christina De Toffol
Team Christina De Toffol, students from the PHSG
Project partner Natural History Museum St.Gallen
Duration Since 2017 
Financing Natural History Museum St.Gallen, PHSG

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Sekretariat Institut Fachdidaktik Naturwissenschaften
Eva Steingruber

Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen
Hochschulgebäude Hadwig
Notkerstrasse 27
9000 St.Gallen

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