«Erzähl mir die Umwelt» – Storytelling als gendergerechte Lernbrücke zwischen Elternhaus und Primarschule

«Tell me about the environment»

Storytelling as a gender-appropriate bridge between learning at home and learning at primary school.

The Storytelling project combines the telling of stories with early scientific education for pupils from grades 1 to 3. Central to the concept are the experiences of the literary figures in the stories. Pupils are encouraged to see things from the perspectives of these figures. This enables them to develop a better understanding of what the figures do and say. This process is supported by a subsequent guided discussion with the pupils. The Storytelling project aims to raise children’s scientific and environmental awareness, and to trigger their curiosity for environmental science topics.

Institute Institute for Science Teacher Education
Heads Professor Nicolas Robin, Professor Florian Rietz (Scientific Director)
Team Christina De Toffol, Susan Edthofer (presseteam h&e, PHSG), Cornelia Hausherr (presseteam h&e), Sabrina Fischer (student employee)
Duration September 2016 to September 2019
Financing 3FO Förderorganisation

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