Progress in Science Education

The Progress in Science Education online journal was founded with a view to enabling people to publish their research articles more quickly and reach a wider audience.

The platform offers fledgling researchers who have not yet made a name for themselves with the opportunity to publish their research findings in German, English, French or Italian. A specialist committee is on hand to ensure the high quality of the content published. Thanks to the journal’s online open-access format, its specialist articles spanning all areas of science education are continually accessible to a broad audience of researchers, students and teachers.

Institute Institute for Science Teacher Education
Heads Professor Nicolas Robin (Editor-in-Chief), Professor Andreas Müller
Team Professor Andreas Müller, Professor Markus Wilhelm, Dr Urs Kocher, Dr Sascha Schmeling, Valeria Brancolini, Olivia Fuchs
Projekt partners University of Geneva, University of Teacher Education Lucerne, SUPSI, CERN
Duration Since 2017
Financing Swissuniversities, PHSG, PHLU, CERN, SUPSI

Until 2016:

From 2017: 

Our project database provides you with access to the descriptions and results of current and past projects.


Sekretariat Institut Fachdidaktik Naturwissenschaften
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