Context-Based Learning and Transfer in Science Education (CoBaLT)

Context-Based Learning and Transfer in Science Education (CoBaLT)

Out-of-school learning places (OSLePs) for the sciences allow pupils from primary through to upper secondary school to experience laboratory work and make use of different learning materials. The didactic potential of OSLePs correlates closely with the concept of context-oriented didactic strategies within science education.

By nature of their location, OSLePs certainly offer scope for different types of teaching and learning contexts. According to empirical research findings, OSLeP factors, for example interacting with real environments (in the case of excursions) and experiencing authentic scientific atmospheres and direct contact with professional scientists (in research institutions), serve to boost pupils’ levels of interest.

Institute Institute for Science Teacher Education
Heads Professor Nicolas Robin, Professor Andreas Müller (University of Geneva)
Team Professor Dorothee Brovelli (PHLU), Daniela Schriebl (PHSG)
Duration 2017 to 2021
Financing swissuniversities
Partners University of Geneva, University of Teacher Education Lucerne

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Sekretariat Institut Fachdidaktik Naturwissenschaften
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