Berzelius - Hightech für die Sek II PHSG

High-tech with Berzelius: standing on the shoulders of giants

The «Berzelius – high-tech for upper secondary schools» project helps teaching staff at Swiss grammar schools to show where the fields of teaching and professional research connect. To this end, the teachers are provided with a pool of experimental modules containing tools commonly used within research and industry, clever suggestions on experiments to conduct and teaching materials.

The tools can be loaned out for the period for which they are required. The Berzelius project therefore serves as a catalyst, supporting teachers who are dedicated to demonstrating how lesson content relates to real-life situations, and encouraging increased student interest without encroaching on teachers’ lesson plans.

Institute Institute for Science Teacher Education
Head Professor Nicolas Robin
Team Daniel Conversano (PHSG), Dr. Mathias Kirf (PHSG), Dr. Florian Rietz (PHSG), Harald Sprenger (PHSG), Dr. Paul Vuilleumier (PHSG)
Duration Until December 2021
Financing Metrohm Stiftung, Herisau

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