Forschung Institute PHSG

The institutes

The Vice-President’s Office for Research and Further Education comprises nine research institutes, each with a different area of focus. They conduct empirical research, development and evaluation projects and write expert reports and articles.

The university’s students are involved in these projects, which promote innovation in the region and help to further advance the PHSG’s reputation.


  •  To conduct research, development and evaluation projects on educational topics 
  •  To involve students and lecturers in scientific projects 
  •  To transfer scientific findings to the field of teacher education and further education, as well as to the scientific community and the interested public 
  • To provide services that promote such knowledge transfer 
  •  To compile scientific reports and articles 
  •  To engage in project-related collaboration with national and international research institutes 
  •  To participate in organisations dedicated to research policy development

Sekretariat Forschung & Weiterbildung St.Gallen


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