Institut Fachdidaktik Sprachen PHSG

Institute for Language Teacher Education

We conduct research and development in the areas of teachers’ and learners’ language competences, promotion of plurilingualism, mobility and interculturality. 

Key areas and research fields

  • Teachers’ language competence profiles
  • Promotion of plurilingualism and interculturality
  • Promotion and assessment of language and cultural competences
  • Development of curricula and teaching material
  • Support of teacher education (initial and in-service education)

Our project database provides you with access to the descriptions and results of current and past projects.


Sekretariat Institut Fachdidaktik Sprachen

Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen
Hochschulgebäude Hadwig
Notkerstrasse 27
9000 St.Gallen

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