Institute for ICT and Media

We provide further training on media and IT and collaborate with schools and business sector partners to develop innovative e-learning projects.
Thanks to our interdisciplinary team, we can provide educational institutions with support in implementing digital transformations, help schools develop and introduce media education concepts, and conduct impact evaluations.

Internally, the institute helps advance the university’s digitalisation process, provides students and teachers with support on media-related didactics and promotes innovation within teaching.

Focal areas and research fields

The Institute for ICT and Media offers support in the following areas:

  •  Concept development and supervision of school development projects with a focus on digital transformation
  • Further training in the fields of media and IT  
  • Further development of and support for the university’s e-learning services
  • Expert reports and presentations on the topics of media education, media didactics and IT
  • Research into teaching and learning with digital media
Current offers
Media education concept

A media education concept as the basis for renewing and/or further developing ICT and media.

Vision workshop

Workshop for schools involving an initial status quo definition phase followed by a vision development phase in which goals and strategies for the further development of ICT and media are determined. 

ClassUnlimited 2.0

Further development of the ClassUnlimited 2.0 school development concept that builds on the advantages of digital and multimedia learning.

Certified training courses

CAS courses on media and IT for ICT staff, teachers and specialists for media education at schools and social organisations.

Media mentor

Further training for teachers and school management staff who want to be able to provide educational and technical first-level support in their school.

Further training for teachers

Further training courses for individual teachers and school teams on how to use media and IT in lessons. 

Innovation projects

Internal university projects aimed at promoting innovative e-learning scenarios for lecturers and faculties. 


Formative and summative e-assessments using the students’ personal digital learning guides.


Further development of and support for the established e-portfolio learning method in both courses of study.


A digital workshop in which IT skills are demonstrated and rendered understandable.


Didactic supervision and support for the inform@21 teaching aid used in years 5 and 6 for the subjects of media and IT.

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