Organisation PHSG


The PHSG is headed by Director of Education Stefan Kölliker. He presides over the University Council, which in turn is responsible for the PHSG’s strategic direction. The PHSG’s operations are managed by President Horst Biedermann, who is supported by the President’s Office staff and three Vice-Presidents’ Offices. The PHSG’s administrative staff provide a wide range of services to keep the university’s infrastructure running smoothly.

The University Council

The University Council comprises seven members. The President of the University Council is Stefan Kölliker, Head of St.Gallen’s Department of Education and Member of the Cantonal Council. 

The President’s Office

The President’s Office is responsible for managing the university together with the three Vice-Presidents’ Offices and the university’s administrative team. The President and the President’s Office are supported by the President’s Office staff. 

The Vice-Presidents’ Offices

The areas of kindergarten and primary school levels, secondary school levels I and II and research and further education are each assigned to a separate Vice-President’s Office.


Die beiden Studierendenorganisationen vertreten die Anliegen der Studierenden der Kindergarten-, Primar- und Sekundarstufe I gegenüber der Hochschule.


The Administration department employs around 100 people who ensure that university operations run smoothly.