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The late Gothic monastery complex of Mariaberg in Rorschach was constructed between 1487 and 1489. The Hadwig building in St.Gallen, a former girls’ primary school, was built in 1907, and the Stella Maris building in Rorschach, a former Catholic school of housekeeping, was built between 1912 and 1914. Of the PHSG’s four buildings, the most recently constructed is the complex in Gossau, which was erected in 1981 to serve as a school for work and home economics teachers.


The PHSG sees itself as a cultural university. Both its students and the public benefit from the broad range of cultural offerings it provides. Spanning theatre, music and art, these offerings also play central roles within our teacher training curricula.

The PHSG’s Culture Group is responsible for all of the university’s cultural events, providing expert help and advice on how to coordinate, organise and publicise them.

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In addition to providing its own range of sports activities, the PHSG collaborates with the University of St.Gallen and its Unisport programme to offer training classes, inexpensive special courses and a variety of sporting events.

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Der Campus der PHSG erstreckt sich über mehr als 20 km; er umfasst vier Gebäude an drei Standorten (St.Gallen, Rorschach und Gossau).